CRAM (CA Rapid Assessment Method)

CRAM is a technique to relatively quickly assign a numeric value to a reach of a river or creek based upon buffer metrics, hydrology, physical structure and biotic structure.  It is not a measure of water quality.  A group of local volunteers were informally trained in this method in 2012 and since then have carried out periodic tests of Buena Vista Creek within the Buena Vista Creek Ecological Reserve. Visit the state website for more information.

To summarize the data:  the western creek section, nearest the driving range, has index scores of 63-67.  The middle section single assessment in 2013 had a score of 75.  The easterly section had a score of 63 in 2012 and 57 in 2017.  To give some perspective on how these scores compare to other riverine systems in central and southern California, 3 of 24 sites had scores less than 60, 5 had scores of 60-70, and 16 had scores above 80. Data was obtained from the state website as of 10-26-2017.