Buena Vista Creek Ecological Reserve

Our work restoring the 134-acre Buena Vista Creek Ecological Reserve continues. We successfully completed the restoration of the first 1.8 acres, with a grant from the Southern CA Wetlands Recovery Project. We then secured $395k to be used for the second phase of restoration from penalties imposed by the Regional Water Quality Control Board in response to a sewer spill that caused extensive damage in the Buena Vista Watershed. This Phase II work is being managed by the Center for Natural Lands Management. As part of that effort we are caring for a small plot that requires hand weeding and watering. Our volunteers disassembled and hand carried the old irrigation system across the creek to be re-used on the next restoration plot. This area has been replanted .  Thank you to the El Corazon Green Waste Facility (Agribusiness) for supplying all of the mulch our little plants desire.