Climate Change

Since the 1990’s there has been a growing concern in the scientific community about climate change due to greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions from human activities.  In California municipalities are adopting Climate Action Plans (CAP) to address ways to lower GHGs and respond to potential changes such as rising sea levels, droughts and floods, and changes in agricultural productivity.  Preserve Calavera has worked with Vista to help implement their CAP and offered extensive input on Carlsbad’s CAP.

Recently, the National Science Foundation funded a report that brought together scientists from the Scripps Institute of Oceanography as well as representatives from local governments, public sector agencies, nonprofits and private sector organizations throughout the San Diego region.  The result is “San Diego: 2050 is calling, How will we answer?”  For more information on this project refer to the Climate Education Partners at the Energy Policy Initiatives Center at USD.

Local cities are looking into Community Choice Energy (CCE) as a real, positive means of lowering greenhouse gases.  This option to SDG&E would allow a regional not-for-profit to advance toward 100% clean, renewable energy by purchasing their own energy and setting their own rates.  These decisions would be transparent and offer residents and businesses a choice instead of a monopoly.  See the regional Sierra Club CCE webpage for more information on Community Choice Energy.

On April 29, 2017  we joined thousands to march for a world that takes real action to address climate change.  In these times where our President purges the term “climate change” from government websites, issues Executive Orders to support coal mining, drilling off the coast of California, and putting public lands at risk we can all be thankful we live in California. California – a state with priceless natural resources and people who care about protecting them.  So we will all keep doing what we have been doing and ride that wave, take that hike, smell the sage, listen to the call of a gnatcatcher and do what we can to preserve what we have for future generations.