Climate Change Effects on CA Habitats

As climate change transforms California’s landscape in the years to come, coastal habitats appear to be more resilient than many other places in the state. (Getty Images)

A new study by UC Davis predicts California will lose more than half its native habitats if we continue on a business-as-usual greenhouse gas emission scenario. San Diego County could be particularly hard hit:
It projects that at current rates of greenhouse gas emissions, vegetation in southwestern California, the Central Valley and Sierra Nevada mountains becomes more than 50 percent impacted by 2100, including 68 percent of the lands surrounding Los Angeles and San Diego.
All the more reason to protect these habitats now so they are healthy and vibrant and have a fighting chance to continue to provide ecosystem services to all of us; clean air,  clean water, nutrient cycling, pollination and carbon sequestration….and can support the incredible biodiversity our region is known for.