Preserve Calavera has a number of priority areas on which most of our efforts are focused:

  • Natural open space (acquisition and land management)
    • Preserve Calavera is launching a campaign to raise funds for open space land acquisition.  See our flyer for more information. Right now we have available $15,000 in matching funds – your donation will double its value until those funds are used so DONATE NOW.  As of the end of April, we have raised over $18,000 largely with a $10,000 donation from North County Advocates without requiring a match – thank you so much.  It now looks very promising that at least one of the acquisitions we are targeting will happen- and with your support we can do even more.  Your check or on-line donation will leave a lasting legacy- for us and future generations!
    • A recent settlement between the city of Carlsbad, Lennar Homes, North County Advocates and a number of local conservation groups including ourselves, has lead to a unique agreement that protects open space and parks as well as wildlife.  Click here for more information.
  • Wildlife protection: monitoring wildlife movement through PC Tracking Team and “Adopt-a-pinch point” with the city of Carlsbad.  Also, living successfully with wildlife is important.  Read ways you can live close to coyotes to benefit everyone:  Keep Me Wild.
  • Climate Change: working to ensure cities adopt effective Climate Action Plans.  See new video on this subject.
  • Education/outreach:  currently offering CA Naturalist Certification course,  co-sponsor Endangered Species Day at Buena Vista Audubon Nature Center on May 20, 10 am-2 pm.

Current concerns:

  • Lake Calavera Projects:  See our Lake Calavera page for information about upcoming projects including palm tree removal.

Natural Open Space

Our focus for Carlsbad’s General Plan (GP) was on ensuring 40% open space and enough park space so all residents could have reasonable access. After many months of meetings, comments and consideration, the city council adopted a GP with some minor revisions but did not include a 40% goal of open space or make significant changes in their philosophy about how parkland is counted.

The following video was made for our ongoing effort to secure more natural open space in Carlsbad:

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